your_aphrodite (your_aphrodite) wrote in you_el_em,

Fall 2006

First of all, anyone taking Jordan for Biology 110? Her class is 100% PowerPoint, you write what she presents and 100% of that is on the tests. I brought my laptop to class and typed all my notes. If anyone is taking that class, I'll be happy to email you the notes and you can print them, bring them to class, and highlight/add new info. Let me know.

Secondly, I have a Geology 102 book if someone needs it before I sell it back to the bookstore.

Thirdly, my fall schedule:

Spanish 205 Holloway
Chemistry 101 Buczala
Psychology 201 Hutto
English 482 Stephenson
History 111 Walker

Anyone had any of these professors?
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